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   I'm an Engineering Information Technology graduate from BME-VIK, who is an otaku, sport car and Linux fan :)
   This site is for the reason of having it and collecting all of my online accounts and making it easier for anyone to find and differentiate me from clones (they might exist :DDD) even in the corner of the internet :D Basically if an account named sasukeskapa isn't in the Menu/Links section (on the right), than it's not me or at least it's not relevant and most likely I won't notice if you ping it.
   And a few extra info about me personally:
   I'm a HUGE Linux fan and I use it as my primary operating system from 2011 September when Windows pissed me off (messed up my partition table for the 20th or so times...) enough to delete it and switch to Linux entirely. I used it exclusively for ~6 month (Ubuntu 11.04 with KDE installed on top of it) just to make my system dual or multi boot with a Windows and 1 or multiple Linux-es, because University needed some Windows only programs and I wanted to play a few Windows only games too :D Now I use Linux all the time when I'm not playing some Windows only game or need some Windows only program which runs unbearably in a virtual machine. If you might be interested in my computer, operating system, tech stuff setup than I recommend checking out my Actual Geek Gear where I list all of it. If it's the games that I play are what picked your interest than check out my GameList.
   The thing that consumes most of my free time are anime-s and manga-s, but mostly anime-s. You can find a list of them here: AniList, yes yes another list, but I just like them a lot, deal with it :D Also I collected a few figures and merchandise too which you can find here: Figure Collection. Basically you can mine any info from these two links, but if you have a question you can ask me on Twitter or by e-mail.
   The other thing that interests me very much is cars, but I can't give you link about this, so shortly: (in a list format OFC :D) I mainly love Japanese sport FR (Front Engine, Real Wheel Drive) cars. Like the AE-86, Toyota GT-86, Toyota Supra, Nissan 370z, Mazda RX7, Honda NSX, Lexus LFA, Maserati GranTurismo S, GT300 and GT500 class cars. (I know that a few of these aren't a Japanese or FR car, but I still love them.)
   Real Name: Daniel Dande
   Date of Birth: 08 July 1991
   For other information check my links on the right or ask me :D (Twitter or e-mail)

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