sasukeskapa's house rules!

sasu's rules:

   Don’t even touch my dakimakura(s)!!! (dakimakura = pillow with an anime girl printed on it)
   Don’t go on my bed, Don’t put anything on my bed!!!
   Don’t get in my simrig, Don’t put anything on my simrig, Don't mess with my simrig!!!
   Don’t get drunk enough to be a pain!!!
     (I can’t deal with really drunk people, so spare me. (Having fun is still encouraged!))
   Don’t smoke!!! (Let my lungs live a bit longer.)
   Don’t mess with my figures!!!
   Don’t mess with my PCs!!! (Don’t use them, don’t put my mice away, don’t turn them off, etc.)
     (If you ask, most likely you’ll be able to use them, (if you are competent with tech,) just ask me.))
   And the trivial ones. (Not like these aren’t trivial….)

   If you don’t like these rules, you can stay at home and leave me alone.


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